FAQ, this is the abbreviation for "Frequently asked Questions". On this page you should find answers to your questions!
If your question has not been asked yet, you can ask it here anonymously and we will take our time to research your specific questions.
We do not judge you. We do not rate your question. We are here for you!
We always answer with the references, so you can read the detailed answer there.
The answers given here are not legally binding, the content of the source reference linked in the answer is valid.

About the project

This project was developed in the context of the Hackathon of the Federal Government of Germany #WIRvsVIRUS. This hackathon (neologism of "hack", in the sense of tinkering, and marathon) had the goal to find solutions around the topic "corona". More than 40,000 citizens from different areas came together in teams and in 2 days more than 1,000 projects were set up.

Screw Corona - and we stick together!
FAQ-You-Corona is a platform where frequent questions about COVID-19 are answered.

Mostly the information from different sources are summarized, so that you don't have to search many different sources to get an answer.

FAQ you Corona

FAQ, this is the abbreviation for "Frequently asked Questions". Our word game is meant to signal: Corona screw you, because we stick together.

The project:
As part of the WIRvsVIRUS Hakathon, we have built up an extensive question database with a search function.

Sorry the project description on Youtube is only available in german for now. We will update the quality of the video as soon as possible and add also subtitles to it.

In a crisis situation, general information from the authorities and health ministries and institutes is good and important. But personal questions fall by the wayside.

What about my dog? May I see my partner? What will the care of my children look like?

At faq-you-corona.de you can filter from different topics, and if you don't find your answer, just ask a new question.

Simply formulate your request briefly and narrow it down to a specific topic.

Hey, there are no stupid questions, we are all in the same boat!

On our platform every question is heard and sorted. We provide you with references and a date so that you can check it yourself.

The site is in German and English, so that foreign citizens and stranded guests can also access information.

Our team can create questions on the site and adapt the question in extended fields, so that others can find it better.

The site is responsive and barrier-free. For an even better user experience we will work on it in the next days.

You can describe your individual situation, your special case, and we will see if we can help you find an answer.

Stay healthy!